Artist Rick Ormortis Schreck

Artist Rick Ormortis Schreck

Rick Ormortis Schreck

Rick “Ormortis” Schreck, a New Jersey tattoo artist whose interest in the macabre created a monster: a 72-foot-by-44-foot behemoth.

Rick has been kind enough to donate his time and energy to this custom tattoo design for Nick Groff.  You can find it on tshirts, long armed shirts, hoodies etc. in the Nick Groff Merch store.  If you're in the area give Rick a call for some amazing tattoo work! and check his website



It’s official, Rick ‘Ormortis’ Schreck has received the award for World’s Largest Ouija board from the team at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Two months ago, you could have found him in his garage.  A tattoo artist by trade at his shop, House of 1000 Tattoos in Middlesex New Jersey, Rick ‘Ormortis’ Schreck has succeeded in building the World’s Largest Ouija Board. It has a name. OuijaZilla.

While working year-round in his uninsulated garage during sometimes extreme sub zero temperatures, he used blankets, winter jackets and hoodies as protection from the cold.  Covered in sawdust, he had a deadline to keep and nothing was going to stop him.  

A “man on a mission” Rick came up with the idea to make his own real board. One with a real moving planchette.  Rick said he will always work hard to keep his title of the largest Ouji board.  

In his garage, starting with a projector, OuijaZilla was made with 99 sheets of plywood, covered in 20 gallons of wood stain and paint, larger than a brontosaurus and weighs more than an elephant.  It measures at 3,168 square feet, weighing over 9,000 pounds.  The planchet, complete with its own pencil, is about 15 feet long and weighs about 400 pounds, and is the size of a car.  OuijaZilla was transported to Salem, the home of the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. 

OuijaZilla made its initial appearance on Saturday October 12th, 2019 and the board took a day to be screwed together and was on exhibition in the 8-acre public park downtown known as Salem Commons for twenty-six hours.  The Salem Commons was a fitting parking place for all to see, it has been a public meeting area since the Seventeenth Century.

OuijaZilla will not live in a permanent storage place and is resting during the winter in New Jersey.  There are plans that OuijaZilla will be a traveling exhibition across the United States.  Send them a message to inquire displaying OuijaZilla  in your town! 

Rick has over 300 personal talking boards and is wanting to increase his chances of communicating with the spirit realm by making boards with animal and human bone, hair, and human ashes.  In the past he has used wood from coffins.  He is currently wanting to make his ‘dream board’ out of a black coffin. 

Rick had his own near death experience when the wood panels fell on him and he was pinned against the wall. His wife sprang into action and peeled them off one at a time.  Each board weighing 70lbs.  A little higher, the wood would have smashed his ribs and vital organs. 

Quick Facts:

*The board has a tribute to their dogs Sally and Duncan that passed away last winter

*The planchette legs originally had home made ball bearings using bowling balls, but he didn't think it glided quickly enough so made a last minute change to wheels.

*Four people can fit comfortably inside one of the crates that held the plywood.*Three people can fit comfortably inside the center hole of the planchet.

Rick ‘Ormortis’ Schreck is the vice president of the Talking Board Society


The TBHS seeks to promote the study of talking board history, publish important findings, and preserve and officially designate locations with historic connections to talking boards. Fundraising is an important part of these efforts, and the TBHS maintains an endowment fund for carrying out the above-stated purposes. Through these projects and others, the TBHS hopes to unite people of similar interests and promote a fuller understanding of Talking Boards, their historical significance, and their place in popular culture.  



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