Discover Nick Groff's alarming tales he faced while living in a decrepit location.

Discover Nick Groff's alarming tales he faced while living in a decrepit location.
My mental and physical state varies depending on the condition of the interior and exteriors of haunted locations.  I've found that it's normally easier to fall asleep in locations that have been renovated but I normally have better experiences when sleeping in decrepit locations due to my body being physically drained by the negative elements that interact with my immune system.

Sometimes I get this eerie feeling that a presence is in the room. On this one investigation at the Gothic Jail, I felt this intense feeling. My hairs stood up on the back up of my neck and chills ran down my spine. The experience was so strong it made my teeth grind as I clenched, wondering and trying to figure out what the hell was here with me. You can see a sneak peek of the episode here

Investigating during my new Death Walker series is challenging but worth it, especially with all the paranormal evidence we captured. I do not recommend doing what I do for a living, however, I believe that in life we must continue to push ourselves to discover what is beyond this reality with passion and with love. If investigating is your passion, then so be it.

When my body is physically and mentally exhausted, I feel it's the best time to open up to the unexplainable activity. Being open allows me to fall asleep faster and reach REM sleep whenever or wherever in the location and not let the surroundings affect my mental state. Sometimes I even get hyper-sensitive. Once while investigating, I instantly smelled this foul odor and I found myself asking… is it this old decrepit place filled with the smell of peeling black mold-covered walls and paint, or is it the foul stench of something unknown?

To learn more and see what happened - Get ready for Death Walker!
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